Welcome Message from the President of the Symposium

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the second edition of the International Pathways to Precision Medicine Symposium (P2M Symposium) organized by Professor Soumeya BEKRI (Metabolic Biochemistry Department – Rouen University Hospital / University Rouen) which will take place at the Rouen Health Campus (Stewart Building) on 24th and 25th, March 2022.

Precision medicine opens a new medical era and reimagines medicine to focus on the prediction, prevention and treatment of diseases with high precision by adapting care to the unique biology and life attributes of each individual. This practice capitalizes on the rational and effective use of patient-specific data to better understand the patient’s susceptibility to develop diseases. These data include biological tests, clinical and radiological examinations, environmental and social data. Precision medicine aims to implement targeted preventive measures by refining diagnoses and further personalizing patient care. [Read more]

Prof. Soumeya BEKRI
Symposium President (Co-Founder)
Head of the Department of Metabolic Biochemistry
Team 4 – INSERM U1245
Rouen University Hospital / Rouen Medical School

Rouen – France

Dr. Abdellah TEBANI
Symposium Chair (Co-Founder)
Department of Metabolic Biochemistry
INSERM U1245 – Team 4
Rouen University Hospital / Rouen Medical School
Rouen – France

P2M symposium 2019 – aftermovie