Welcome Message from the President of the Symposium

Dear all,

We are delighted to invite you to the 1st International Rouen P2M Symposium on Precision Medicine “Pathways to Precision Medicine” which will be held at Rouen Health Sciences School, Rouen, France on March 28-29, 2018 Normandie (near Paris).

Precision medicine capitalizes on both conceptual paradigm shifts and technological disruptive advancements to reach a more integrative and holistic definition of health and disease states. It relies on both biological individuality and populational knowledge which mutually nurture each other. [Read more]

BEKRI_Soumeya Prof. Soumeya BEKRI
Symposium President
Head of the Department of Metabolic Biochemistry
Team 4 – INSERM U1245
Rouen University Hospital / Rouen Medical School
Rouen – France

Dean’s Welcome Message

Dear all,

Precision Medicine, also known as individualized medicine or patient-centered medicine, is a paradigm shift that is reshaping medical practice. It involves disease stratification, treatment and prevention based on accurate definition of the molecular, biological and environmental identity of each individual. Based on this shift, medical treatments will gradually move from the “one size fits all” paradigm to a more personalized approach. Thus, patients will increasingly be prescribed the therapy that best matches their biological and environmental attributes. [Read more]

FREGER_Pierre Prof. Pierre FREGER
UFR Santé Rouen (Rouen School of Health Sciences)
Rouen Normandie University