Dean’s Message

Dear all,

Healthcare today is evolving at a rapid pace, becoming ever more precise by capitalizing on tremendous revolutions in different avenues. Indeed, medicine is witnessing deep and historical conceptual and technological shifts. This change is mainly driven by the convergence of biology, engineering, and the large-scale digitization of the healthcare ecosystem. The overwhelming generated data combined with artificial intelligence and a powerful set of information technologies aims to parse, from a medical perspective, the uniqueness of each individual. This lays the foundation to deliver healthcare on a far more efficient, effective, and tailored basis. This patient-centered perspective is at the heart of the Precision Medicine paradigm shift to implement technology for a more patient empowerment.

With this technological shift, the envisioned new medicine will require extensive training of the clinical workforce and the public, with nurturing cross-disciplinary approach that includes, along the conventional healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists and nurses), data scientists, computer scientists, engineers, bioinformaticians and all support and management professionals. Precision Medicine raises also big challenges to engage healthcare professionals and scientists from different backgrounds in academia, public and private sectors.

It is in this vivid moment of amazing opportunities that Rouen School of Health Sciences (UFR Santé Rouen) will host the second Pathways to Precision Medicine International Symposium on March, 24-25, 2022. This event will gather international distinguished researchers, health professionals and thought leaders from different avenues of the healthcare ecosystem to discuss, share, collaborate and develop actionable pathways to maintain wellness and improve human health.

We look forward to hosting you all in Rouen for what is poised to be a terrific event!

Prof. Benoit VEBER
UFR Santé Rouen (Rouen School of Health Sciences)
Rouen Normandie University