Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the second edition of the International Pathways to Precision Medicine Symposium (P2M Symposium) organized by Professor Soumeya BEKRI (Metabolic Biochemistry Department – Rouen University Hospital / University Rouen) which will take place at the Rouen Health Campus (Stewart Building) on 24th and 25th, March 2022.

Precision medicine opens a new medical era and reimagines medicine to focus on the prediction, prevention and treatment of diseases with high precision by adapting care to the unique biology and life attributes of each individual. This practice capitalizes on the rational and effective use of patient-specific data to better understand the patient’s susceptibility to develop diseases. These data include biological tests, clinical and radiological examinations, environmental and social data. Precision medicine aims to implement targeted preventive measures by refining diagnoses and further personalizing patient care.

This new approach is fundamentally individual-centered compared to the conventional approach in which treatment or disease prevention strategies are based on an average, fictitious person, representative of the general population. Precision medicine thus makes prevention and individualized management more effective by taking into account the individual differences of patients.

The implementation of precision medicine in clinical practice requires a profound change in medical practices, both in the training of practitioners in new technologies and in their adoption in daily practice. These technologies that collect health data and the algorithms that extract relevant medical information play an important role in the exploitation of this data, but the ultimate objective is to provide direct benefits to patients, and here lies the true challenge

Precision medicine is a fundamental shift towards more proactive and personalized health care that enables people to lead healthy lives. It is in this spirit of infinite possibilities and promises that this second edition of the P2M symposium is organized. This symposium will bring together international leaders in the different fields of expertise of Precision Medicine. Academic, industrial and healthcare stakeholders will meet for two days to foster collaboration, address challenges and determine actions to be taken for the large-scale use and analysis of data for a single purpose, to improve human health. Several topics will be covered such as digital health records, big data and artificial intelligence, biomarkers and therapeutic target discovery, clinical trials, omics sciences, medical imaging, biobanks, clinical pharmacology and laboratory medicine. Surgery and virtual/enhanced reality, 3D printing and regenerative therapy. The training of the future driving forces of the medical ecosystem is also a major issue that will be discussed during this symposium. The ethical and societal challenges raised by Precision Medicine will also be discussed.

The main aim of this event is to raise awareness in the medical and scientific community and institutional officials about the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow’s medicine, which aspires to be integrative, predictive and precise by embracing the new technologies that are deeply changing medical practice.

Students and young practitioners and researchers, who will be major actors in these new practices, are particularly encouraged to participate in this event and incentive registration conditions are reserved for them.

We look forward to seeing you on 24th – 25th March, 2022!

Stay tuned!


Prof. Soumeya BEKRI
Symposium President (Co-Founder)
Head of the Department of Metabolic Biochemistry
INSERM U1245 – Team 4
Rouen University Hospital / Rouen Medical School

Rouen – France

Dr. Abdellah TEBANI
Symposium Chair (Co-Founder)
Department of Metabolic Biochemistry
INSERM U1245 – Team 4

Rouen University Hospital / Rouen Medical School
Rouen – France